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Black Rock Bikes e-bike brand located in the heart of Orange County, California.  Black Rock Bikes was initially created to provide a unique and fun experience to both tourists and locals in Maui, Hawaii. Starting as a bike tour operator in Maui, Black Rock Bikes has researched and vetted over 50 brands of E-Bikes to find the best fit for our customers. After finding out that every legitimate bike brand didn’t have the resources to support the Hawaiian market, we saw an opportunity to create a Hawaiian based bike brand that could fill that void, Black Rock Bikes USA. We focused on taking the strengths of our favorite and most reliable bike brands and incorporated them into our product offering. Since launching our first models in 2021, we have quickly grown to be the leader in quality, value and selection. Over the past year, we have increased our bike selection, located our headquarters to California and expanded our footprint to include shops located on the US Mainland.