About Us

Black Rock Bikes Story

Black Rock Bikes was initially created to provide a unique and fun experience to both tourists and locals in Maui, Hawaii. For over 20 years, Joe Eckstrom has been showing both family and friends alike, the beautiful areas he calls home. With the development of electric bikes, it has opened the door to include a larger audience who can share and explore these beautiful natural settings while on a bike. There is true enjoyment and freedom while viewing the outdoor environment on a bike. Hills that have normally discouraged the casual rider, have become obsolete. E-bikes have greatly expanded the options and areas you can explore and experience. Whether it's for transportation, joyriding or taking them to dinner or drinks, the opportunities are endless. 

As a bike tour operator in Maui, Black Rock Bikes has researched and vetted over 100 brands of bikes including E-Bikes. The first objective in starting a rental company was to find a E-Bike that was durable, reliable and comfortable while providing all the power needed to take on any hill and any adventure with ease. The two brands that have consistently stood out and performed best for Black Rock Bikes and its customers have been Rad Power Bikes and Micargi Bicycles. Rad Power bikes was started in 2007 and adjusted the business model in 2015. Rad Power Bikes offered a good selection of E-bikes including a variety of models that resonated with many consumers. Micargi Bicycles was founded in 1997 and expanded to Los Angeles in 1998. Their mission is: Micargi is driven to deliver a better biking experience. This mission holds true for many customers who feel these bikes are the best for value.


Our E-Bike Passion

Black Rock bikes was founded to provide a place where electric bike enthusiasts can find the best E-Bikes for their money. The overall quality and performance of the bikes we have selected for our collection at Black Rock Bikes represent great value, consumer friendly, and dependability. We have chosen to only carry Rad Power Bikes and Micargi Bikes, brands we believe our customers will love and at the same time, save them money! The overall quality and performance of the bikes we have selected represent a great value, consumer friendly, and dependability.