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Black Rock Bikes is locally owned and operated and provides electric fat bikes and E-bike beach cruisers that ride smooth and comfortable with larger tires for stability and support.

Electric Fat Bikes

Our electric fat bikes and electric utility bikes are made with impressive quality components throughout. Our stable and comfortable electric fat bikes are effective and ideal for those that want to be able to ride in rain, sand, or packed snow conditions. With the evolution of electric bike technology, the function of E-bikes have transgressed into basic electric motor systems that offset the weight and the drag of fat tires, which makes them more enjoyable for less athletic riders as well. 

With exceptional versatility and craftsmanship, the electric fat bikes Black Rock Bikes provides has translated to continual engagements with multiple customers interested in reliable E-bikes. We are an experienced provider of E-bikes and have a vast selection that meet a variety of personal preferences or styles. Our electric utility bikes have a luxurious tactile feel and have a variety of unique features. 

We have a wide selection of Rad Power Bikes and Micargi Bicycles available at a price that is cost effective for families, individuals, and couples. Keeping riders in an upright riding position E-bike beach cruiser is known for, the speeds on our E-bikes can switch back and forth seamlessly if riders are wanting to commute or get some extra exercise.

If you have any questions about our E-bike beach cruisers, please contact us and one of our experienced E-bike professionals will respond in a timely manner. Our all-terrain and all-purpose electric utility bikes are available for men, women, and kids that blend in functionality to suit your needs. We look forward to providing you with an electric bike that is vintage styled and budget friendly.