E-Bike Brands

Black Rock Bikes is a provider of high quality electric bikes used for mountain biking, commuter bikes, cruiser bikes, and city E-bikes - available at an affordable price! The E-Bike brands we offer are Rad Power Bikes and Micargi Bicycles. 

Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes are designed to be off-road electric bikes with rugged fat tires, sturdy handling, and hold a reliable battery charge. With a variety of unique, thought-out accessories, the Rad Power Bikes are suitable for riders of all comfort and expert levels. If you are new to E-bikes and E-bike brands, the Rad Power Bike would be ideal because it is slimmer than the Micargi Bicycles, and is a cost-effective commuter bike.
If you are a more experienced and seasoned E-bike rider, we provide a wide selection of Rad Power Bikes that incorporate power, strength, and durability. With a wide range of gearing and puncture-resistant tires, the Rad Power Bikes are a compact utility E-bike with extended seats and flip-down pegs for potential passengers. 

Micargi Bicycles

The Micargi Bicycles are among the most fashionable and dependable E-bike brands in the electric bike industry. The Micargi E-bikes have a powerful motor, fat tires, and high handlebars to make your cruise on the beach, in the mountains, or a commute to work, enjoyable for people of all ages. 
The impressive lightweight lower frames of the Micargi Bicycles are what make these E-bikes trustworthy and high quality. Though the Micargi electric bikes are not specifically designed for commuting, they can be used as commuting E-bikes or electric utility bikes to save money. The puncture-resistant tires also provide plenty of grip and absorbs the shocks caused by riding on rougher terrain. 
For more information about our E-bike brands, please contact us and we will be pleased to assist you with one of our E-bike experts.