Styles of E-Bikes


Black Rock Bikes provides a wide variety of E-bikes available in different styles including, but not limited to, cruiser electric bikes, and mountain electric bikes. 

Cruiser Electric Bikes 

Designed for endurance and high performance, the electric city bikes we provide are comfortable, stylish, and efficient. Public transportation can be challenging to navigate in the city, and our multiple speed city electric bikes hold enough battery charge to power your daily commute. The cruiser electric bikes are ideal for people looking for a faster commute, an effective workout, or an adrenaline boost on their weekend cruises. 

Mountain Electric Bikes

Mountain electric bikes feature a powerful pedal assist with a throttle on demand to enhance the riders ability to ride on and off road. These bikes are built for stability and comfort on a variety of paths and pavement. Try the bikes on a nice leisure ride across town and experience an off road experience. 

 Electric bikes provide a way to commute quickly, safely, and efficiently. Used for everyday commuting, errand running, off-road, the electric bikes from Black Rock Bikes are well-functioning and sophisticated - not without value or style. The  e-bikes known as cruiser E-bikes, are equipped with a high speed motor that furthers terrain adaptability.