Remember the first time you rode a bike all by yourself? Who can forget the thrill of leaving the training wheels behind and the happy cheering of our loved ones as we reached a beloved childhood milestone? Do you still ride a bike? If not, why? There are some compelling reasons why it becomes difficult to continue to ride bikes into adulthood. Sometimes we have to ride too far and face too much traffic to make riding a bike to work as a feasible alternative to driving a car. Sometimes gaining some weight or being out of shape makes it harder to ride a bike. Or maybe it just became more work than it was fun?

Riding an electric bike can change all that. Since its invention in 1897 by Hosea W. Libbey, the design of electric bikes has evolved over the years to result in the portable, lighter, faster versions available on the market today. Even though e-bikes do cost more than traditional bikes, there are very good reasons for making the investment including:

  • They are less expensive than cars – An e-bike can save you money on monthly payments, gasoline, and maintenance.
  • E-bikes are eco-friendly – An e-bike motor is battery-powered, so no gases are emitted into the atmosphere.
  • They are faster than traditional bikes – Newer electric bikes can go nearly 30 miles per hour.
  • Motors with pedal-assist make them easier to ride – You won’t have to work so hard since the motor does most of the work for you.
  • Exercising on an e-bike is fun and beginner-friendly – An electric bike has the same functions of a regular bike, but it’s easier to ride up hills and get where you need to go faster.
  • They are legal – Many states are passing laws to recognize electric bikes and to allow them to be ridden on trails and bike paths in recreational areas.
  • You don’t have to search for a parking place – E-bikes can be folded for convenient storage almost anywhere.
  • Riding an e-bike is good exercise – Enjoy a healthy, gratifying way to enjoy the outdoors with fewer limitations. You can go farther faster and not have to be afraid of hills or sharing the road with cars.
  • If you think you’d like to explore and expand your world by buying an e-bike, there are many models and styles to choose from. The experts at Black Rock Bikes USA are available to make a recommendation regarding the best bike for you. Contact us today for a consultation or to join our mailing list.