Electric bikes are swiftly changing the game of transportation. They are allowing people to reach destinations with less physical effort and because the motors are battery powered, e-bikes are environmentally friendly. E-bikes don’t require a large storage space, and they cost much less than automobiles.

Having evolved beyond the idea of the simple bicycle, electric bikes offer advanced features that benefit many riders. Common features of e-bikes include:

  1. A Strong Motor – The motor is what sets an e-bike apart from regular bikes. An e-bike motor’s power range should be between 250 to 350 watts to give the bike sufficient power and a quiet, smooth ride.
  2. They Can Be Collapsible – If you live in a small home or apartment with little storage space, this feature is ideal for you. Many e-bikes can be folded to a more compact size to make storing easier.
  3. Assisted Pedaling – E-bikes are incredibly useful because they make it easier to pedal and allow the rider to accelerate more quickly than a regular bike. The motors are powered either by pedaling the bike or through a throttle control which makes them much easier to ride longer distances.
  4. Quick Charging Batteries – E-bike batteries can be charged up to 90 percent in less than 2.5 hours.
  5. Smartphone Integration – Smartphone apps can unlock features like health tracking, maps, GPS, and even the bike’s locking mechanisms.
  6. Security Options – E-bikes are expensive and require protection. Many come equipped with rear-wheel locks that are attached to the bike’s frame. Other types of locks also secure the battery. There are five common lock options for electric bikes, including chains, U-locks, frame locks, cable locks, and folding locks. Some smartphone apps allow users to lock their bikes and access GPS apps, which track the bike in case of theft. Just like vehicles, alarm systems can be added to an e-bike, which are accessed through smartphone apps.

Even though electric bikes require much less physical effort to operate, they still offer health benefits for the rider as opposed to using a sedentary form of transportation. E-bikes are also great alternatives to regular vehicle commuting and public transportation.

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